UK mulls loosening travel restrictions for jabbed Americans

(Simon Calder) The UK is considering loosening some travel restrictions this week, ahead of a

 (Simon Calder)

(Simon Calder)

The UK is considering loosening some travel restrictions this week, ahead of a planned review into the reopening of international travel.

According to reports, the government is set to allow fully jabbed US citizens entry to the UK without quarantining, as part of a move to open up transatlantic travel.

Movement between the US and the UK has largely been frozen since March 2020, and yesterday the White House confirmed that the travel ban would remain over fears of the Delta variant – much to the dismay of ministers and the travel industry.

However, in more positive news, ministers could green light plans this week for Americans to present vaccine cards they were given as proof of entry, reports The Times, in lieu of a consistent digital solution.

Many EU nations have already loosened travel restrictions for Americans. However, the UK has kept the US on its “amber list”, which mandates 10 days of self-isolation and two post-arrival PCR tests for those not double jabbed by the NHS.

Meanwhile, a report in the Financial Times says that the government is also considering loosening restrictions for travellers from the EU as well as the US.

The second “checkpoint” in the review of international travel is set to take place by 31 July. The government will assess whether measures for the travel industry, first set out in the spring, are still fit for purpose – including isolation rules, vaccination status and hotel quarantine.

A government minister said this morning it is “disappointing” that the US has kept in place a Covid-related travel ban with the UK.

Kit Malthouse, the policing minister and MP for North West Hampshire, said he wanted to see international travel return “as soon as possible”.

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