Eight reasons to take an RV on your spring vacation

You’re yearning to get away for spring break this year, but you’re not ready to hop on a plane. You need a change of scenery, as long as the scenery isn’t full of other people. And you’d like to travel in a COVID-responsible manner. Sound familiar?

It won’t take you further than driving distance, yet it can lead you to a part of the country you maybe haven’t explored before. You’ll inhale fresh air, and you’ll feast on campfire popcorn and barbecue.

Sure, spring break 2021 won’t entail partying with 1,000 of your closest friends, but it doesn’t have to

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Valentine’s Day gifts that make you feel like you’re on vacation

We could all use a getaway right now, but while travel is restricted to most locations globally and we’re doing everything we can to stay home to avoid the transmission of Covid-19, that might not be possible. So if your loved one has been sulking around, dreaming of their favorite destination, why not find the Valentine’s Day gifts that bring the vacation vibes to their everyday life? (And honestly, these gifts are so good, consider them perfect for some self-care gifting as well.) Keep reading to find some of our favorite products that are sure to make them feel

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Beach Essentials:10 Beach Must-Haves for Your Next Vacation

After experiencing a series of challenging events in your office or personal life, you deserve a refreshing break. The past year has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for each one of us!  A beach vacation is the best way to relax with your friends and family.

beach essentials

According to an article published in 2019, going to a beach makes you closer to nature. The soothing sound of the waves can help you relieve stress. It will also give you better sleeping hours, especially if you have insomnia. It will also help you absorb more Vitamin D, responsible for attracting

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Aruba is your best one-stop vacation spot

….I just wanted to thank you for planning our anniversary trip to Aruba. We had a fabulous time. I have never seen water so clear and blue. I liked how I felt safe when we left the resort to shop a little. The food and service at the Barcelo Resort were perfect. Everything went smoothly with the covid issues too. No problem with the PCR testing and mask wearing for us was basically restricted to the lobby and elevators. We have been to the Bahamas, the DR, and Mexico, but Aruba was our all- time favorite. We will definitely go

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