Travel expert shares ‘biggest tip’ to ‘save thousands’ on hotels and restaurants

Travel: PCR test scrap to save families ‘£200’ says expert



From hotels to food and even tourist attractions, Express.co.uk spoke to Travel Writer, Shebs Alom aka Shebs The Wanderer, who shared his tips and travel advice on how to save money when travelling abroad.

Shebs owes his love of travel to having “saved thousands” since he was bitten by the travel bug 15 years ago.

First things first, before jetting off abroad you may need a visa. Shebs recommends to “always do your research”.

Depending on where you’re flying to, purchasing a visa online may

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Travel tip: Try the beach in winter

Plenty of people surf and fish in winter. I admire them for that, but I prefer to go to the beach with no expectations or agenda beyond watching the changes in ocean and clouds.

By winter beach, I do not mean Aruba or Key West during resortwear season. That’s too easy. I mean chilly, probably wet, mostly gray Mid-Atlantic beaches, like those along North Carolina’s Outer Banks, a thin 189-mile strip of barrier islands where my family spent two socially distanced weeks in December and January.

A winter beach around these parts is quiet. The rain and cold pretty much

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