Burlington impresses as being like international travel destination

Fodor’s Travel picked Burlington as one of five U.S. cities to visit that feel like prominent travel destinations elsewhere in the world.

The article, published this month, gives travelers who would normally be making plans to traverse the world, options here in the U.S. while international travel is not recommended during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fodor’s suggests five U.S. cities or parks they consider counterparts to locations abroad. For a Parisian feel — New Orleans; a Rio vibe try Miami; London found its mate in Philadelphia; the Amazon — Red Wood National Park.

And Copenhagen found its twin in

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Is international travel allowed yet? See reopening dates for Canada, Mexico, Maldives and other spots

Americans with a bad case of wanderlust may have to wait until later this summer to vacation abroad – and while some countries have announced target dates to reopen, the pickings will be slim for a while.

Parts of the Caribbean have targeted dates in mid-June for reopening from coronavirus restrictions, but Europe will lag. It will open first to other citizens of European Union plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein before welcoming international visitors at a later date.

At least one EU member nation has announced a target window, however: Spain‘s prime minister announced that his country will

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