Travel Credit Cards: What They Are And How They Work

You have probably heard at least a few stories about people covering full-fledged vacations—and even luxury trips—with points earned from a travel credit card. While earning enough points or miles for a trip takes time and a lot of credit card spending, these stories are often 100 percent true.

The fact is, travel credit cards let users earn rewards points on spending and bills they charge. Once enough points are saved up, it’s totally feasible to cover airfare, hotels and other travel expenses entirely with credit card rewards. This is the case whether we’re talking about an over-the-top vacation in

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Best Travel Credit Cards For Beginners

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Do you spend your free time flying to exotic destinations? Maybe you’re a frequent road-tripper, driving from hotel to hotel across the country. However you like to vacation, travel-focused credit cards can help you earn free flights, hotel stays and other perks that can make your travels less expensive.

Travel credit cards allow you to earn either rewards points or airline miles whenever you make a purchase. The most lucrative of these travel cards often require high credit scores—but what if you don’t have a long credit history? What if you’re a recent college graduate

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How do Travel Credit Cards Work?

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If you’re new to the world of travel credit cards, you likely have a lot of questions: What is an annual fee? What perks will my card come with? What’s the best credit card? And most of all: How do travel credit cards even work? 

The basic idea is that you will earn points in

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The Best Travel Cards for Fair Credit

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With the weather warming up and summer in full force, traveling and taking a vacation to a far-flung location may be on your mind. If you travel and fly frequently, travel credit cards are a great way to rack up points or miles to get free flights, hotel nights, access to airport lounges and other travel-related benefits. However, if you’re interested in signing up for

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