Wellness Travel Specialist Course Launched for Travel Advisors

The Travel Institute and Wellness Tourism Association have released a new “Wellness Travel Specialist” course to enable travel advisors to meet the demands of a growing segment, focused on incorporating healthful elements into travel plans.  

The appeal of wellness travel, which has been referred to as a “paradigm shift” in traveler preferences, has been on the rise for close to a decade with the pandemic expected to further accelerate traveler interest, according to a joint press release by the companies. Wellness tourism, the intersection of the tourism industry and the wellness market, grew twice as fast as tourism

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Austin City Council to discuss million-dollar deals to acquire hotels to shelter the homeless

The hotels being discussed for purchase are the Candlewood Suites and Texas Bungalows Hotel & Suites.

AUSTIN, Texas — Members of the Austin City Council are meeting Monday to discuss potentially buying two Austin-area hotels intended to house those experiencing homelessness.

The hotels reportedly in discussion for purchase are the Candlewood Suites for $9.5 million and the Texas Bungalows Hotel & Suites for $6.7 million. 

Additionally up for discussion is an item allowing the City to lease the Candlewood Suites prior to purchase “for emergency housing, isolation, and support services related to COVID-19 for a 30-day term, with an option

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Travel in 2021: Can we expect good deals, or will hotel and flight prices skyrocket?

The cost of travel will slowly rebound from historic lows as more people receive COVID-19 vaccinations and book long-deferred trips, according to industry experts.

This time last year, air traffic in the U.S. plummeted, with 95% fewer travelers passing through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints in April 2020 compared with April 2019. This reduced demand led to a corresponding decrease in airfare prices.

The average cost of a domestic round-trip ticket in the second quarter of 2020 dropped 28% from the same period in 2019, down to $259, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Few travelers were monitoring these prices

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We companion with practitioners, policymakers, funders and advocates to design and speed up insurance policies and plans that assist all younger folks— notably students in poverty and college students of colour—reach college, careers and life. Educators shouldn’t should fight so hard for assets and respect. The pledge guarantees to take stepsto restore “sincere, patriotic education” that cultivates “a profound love” for the country in kids and bar “any curriculum that pits students against one another on the basis of race or sex,” among different Education vows. announced this week that she signed a pledge looking for to restore “patriotic education” … Read More