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Travel + Leisure acquired by timeshare company Wyndham Destinations: Travel Weekly

Timeshare company Wyndham Destinations, which spun off from Wyndham Hotels and Resorts in 2018, has acquired Travel + Leisure from Meredith Corp. for $100 million.

Wyndham Destinations, which is publicly traded, will change its name to Travel + Leisure Co. and will adopt the ticker symbol TNL in mid-February.

Meredith will continue to produce and monetize the media assets under a renewable 30-year, royalty-free lease and will handle advertising and marketing, produce its related print magazine and operate its website, podcasts and social media channels.

Editor in chief Jacqueline Gifford said that she and the editorial staff remain Meredith

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Where-And How-To Go In 2021

As the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines prompts glimmers of a re-energized travel industry, some trends for travel this year seem to be taking shape. As Tom Marchant, co-founder of luxury travel operator Black Tomato sees it, those include traveling “low and slow:” taking fewer connecting flights, spending longer in one destination, exploring locally by car, train, bicycle or on foot. An emphasis on conservation, traveling with purpose, the desire for remote destinations, which surfaced in 2020 travel, should continue as well.

“The ‘search for silence’ is one

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Physicist’s fusion rocket idea may unlock long-distance space travel

An artist's impression of a fusion propulsion device (ITER)

An artist’s impression of a fusion propulsion device (ITER)

Dr. Fatima Ebrahimi, a physicist working at the US Department of Energy has invented a new kind of rocket thruster that could power deep space exploration.

Dr. Ebrahimi works at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and came up with a design that uses a magnetic field to shoot plasma particles into space.

By using a magnetic field, pilots could tailor the amount of thrust depending on the mission and destination of the spacecraft.

Current plasma (electrically-charged gas particles) propulsion devices use electric fields to propel them. But harnessing a magnetic reconnection

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Virus test adds travel wrinkle

In December, the tourism board for Los Cabos, the popular Mexican resort city on the Baja peninsula, began hearing whispers that soon people would need to have proof of a negative coronavirus test in order to travel to the United States by plane from any foreign country.

Over the next several weeks, nearly every member of the Los Cabos tourism industry came together to create a testing plan that allows people heading to the United States — and that includes returning U.S. citizens — to get a coronavirus test at almost every hotel in the area. Even the Los Cabos

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