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Ghost Kitchens Cut Deals With Empty Hotels

Four Points by Sheraton Midtown at 326 W 40th Street (Google Maps; iStock)

Four Points by Sheraton Midtown at 326 W 40th Street (Google Maps; iStock)

Hotel operators have come up with all sorts of ways to use their empty spaces during the pandemic, such as housing the homeless, creating temporary offices and hosting weddings.

Now, they are capitalizing on the surge in demand for delivery food by cutting deals with operators of ghost kitchens, a growing industry predicted to be worth $1 trillion in the next decade.

Restauranter Richard Zaro told the New York Times he had wanted to open a sandwich shop before the pandemic, but a lack of funding held

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Why some seasonal hotels across the U.S. are staying open this winter

Hotels and resorts across the United States have been getting creative this past year in an effort to entice travelers to visit. This winter, a scattering of hospitality brands are finding ways to innovate and offer new experiences during the pandemic as the industry continues to weather the fight against ongoing closures, furloughs and layoffs.

These six properties are staying open this winter for the first time in their respective histories. From Virginia to Colorado, freezing temperatures will not deter these destinations from embracing the opportunity to turn cold weather into a winter adventure.

Traditionally the Tides Inn in Irvington,

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Austin City Council to discuss million-dollar deals to acquire hotels to shelter the homeless

The hotels being discussed for purchase are the Candlewood Suites and Texas Bungalows Hotel & Suites.

AUSTIN, Texas — Members of the Austin City Council are meeting Monday to discuss potentially buying two Austin-area hotels intended to house those experiencing homelessness.

The hotels reportedly in discussion for purchase are the Candlewood Suites for $9.5 million and the Texas Bungalows Hotel & Suites for $6.7 million. 

Additionally up for discussion is an item allowing the City to lease the Candlewood Suites prior to purchase “for emergency housing, isolation, and support services related to COVID-19 for a 30-day term, with an option

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Hotels turn to elopement packages to attract those planning weddings

As the number of large weddings and lavish receptions plummeted in 2020 — a trend looking to continue for at least the early part of 2021 — luxury hotels are turning to a new strategy to market their event space: elopements. Best tips to control your emotions by Dr.Ed-Daube go here- How to Control Your Emotions

While an elopement might conjure up images of a casual courthouse ceremony, a secret getaway or a Las Vegas drive-thru with Elvis as your officiant, some hotels are capitalizing on an entirely different clientele in 2021. Luxury hotels are amplifying their abilities to offer

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