Month: January 2022

Are All-Inclusive Hotels Actually a Good Deal? Here’s What Travel Experts Say

There’s something very appealing about planning a no-planning vacation either in the United States or abroad.

No need to shop around for the best price on a rental car or check on whether there’s public transportation to get you from the airport to your hotel. No need to figure out where to stay in a city you’ve never been to, a place that’s close to the beach or near the ski slopes or another place you want to spend a week. No need to worry that the cost of kayak rental or lift tickets or activities for the kids

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What is vegan travel? Plant-centric hotels are popping up around the world.


“Never before has the demand for plant-based fine dining been as popular.”

In an image provided by the resort, a View from the Anse Chastenet resort in St. Lucia. From Mexico to Greece, plant-centric hotels, restaurants and tours are proliferating. (Giorgos Diakos Lomnios/Koukoumi Hotel via The New York Times) 

When she went vegan about four years ago, Colleen Corbett, a bartender based in Tampa, Florida, thought she might starve or be forced to eat meat when traveling abroad. Instead, it was just the beginning of her explorations of the

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2 Canadian guests dead, 1 injured after shooting at luxury hotel in Mexico, authorities say

Two Canadian guests are dead and another injured after a Friday shooting at a luxury hotel in Mexico, officials announced on Twitter last week.

According to Lucio Hernández Gutiérrez, state public security of Quintana Roo, the shooting took place at the Hotel Xcaret México, an upscale and all-inclusive resort costing several hundred dollars a night. It’s nestled in Playa del Carmen, a tourist town along the Caribbean coastline of Mexico.

On Friday afternoon, Hernández Gutiérrez said on Twitter that one of the guests died in the hospital. State officials later revealed that a second tourist died from the shooting.

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Hotel-Turned-Museum Hosted Black People During Segregation | Kentucky News

By HANNAH SAAD, The Paducah Sun

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) — For African Americans who were traveling around the country during the days of segregation, there were not many hotels that would allow them to stay for the night.

For some travelers, that meant finding a local family that would take them in for the night if the family had room. Other African Americans used hotels and boarding houses that catered toward providing Black people a place to stay for a night. One such hotel operated in Paducah up until the 1990s: the Hotel Metropolitan.

Betty Dobson, director of the Hotel

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