Day: February 1, 2021

Do you need travel insurance while travelling during this pandemic?

text: With a travel insurance policy, policyholders are safeguarded from additional expenses that they may have incurred on an event of trip cancellation.

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With a travel insurance policy, policyholders are safeguarded from additional expenses that they may have incurred on an event of trip cancellation.

With travel bans, grounded airplanes, and prolonged lockdowns imposed by governments across the globe, the travel industry took the worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Even though some believe that the travel industry will bounce back once the vaccine is accessible to everyone, experts say people still need to take into account restrictions and precautions while travelling.

Why does one need travel insurance especially during a pandemic?

Travelling amid a

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Getting back to travel: Insurance

As you start to plan some trips again, you need to think about travel insurance early. The reason is simple: Some important coverages require that you buy it within a week or two of the time you make your first payment of any kind. So you need to decide, from the get-go, whether you need insurance and, if so, what kind and how much you need to cover your risks.

an open laptop computer sitting on top of a table: Travel Insurance Claim Online Form

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Travel Insurance Claim Online Form

Deciding whether you need special travel insurance is deceptively simple:


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• Many big-ticket travel expenses require that you prepay, in part

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FCA Greenlights Specialist Medical List For Travel Insurance

Law360, London (January 28, 2021, 6:39 PM GMT) — The Financial Conduct Authority has approved a new travel insurance industry directory of specialist providers for people with more serious preexisting medical conditions.

The British Insurance Brokers Association’s list of specialists, launched on Wednesday, is aimed at travelers who face steep premiums, are declined coverage or have policies canceled because of a medical condition.

The FCA-sanctioned travel insurance directory comes in addition to one published by the Money and Pensions Service, which was set up by the government to provide impartial advice.

“All firms that offer retail travel insurance must include

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Does It Make Sense To Bundle Flights and Land Travel When Buying Travel Insurance? | Personal-finance

To stop from spending more than necessary on a policy, Squaremouth recommends that you only insure the expenses you would lose if you can’t take your trip. For example, if a hotel requires a 50% penalty to cancel a hotel reservation, travelers should insure just that amount, rather than the full cost of the hotel.

Trip Segments Can Vary in Value

“When you’re booking travel with multiple legs or elements, we do recommend purchasing travel insurance for all facets of the trip, including coverage for all prepaid, non-refundable costs, such as air, hotel, cruise, resort or any other travel-related costs

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