Month: January 2021

What travellers to the UK could soon face

<p>Where next? London St Pancras International, hub for Eurostar, has a hotel attached</p> (Getty Images)

Where next? London St Pancras International, hub for Eurostar, has a hotel attached

(Getty Images)

Ministers are contemplating introducing tough travel restrictions – of the kind that have been in force since last March in Asia and Australasia.

These are the key questions and answers.

Surely no one should be travelling?

No leisure travel is allowed for anyone living in the UK, but some of the people coming in left the country before the third lockdown started on 5 January and have been on long-stay trips – whether holidays or staying with family or partners they had not seen for

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How to drain sinuses with massage

No one can deny that sinus pain has a lot of advantages to your health situation. Truth be told the discharge and the nasal congestion, facial pain, and the aches are all caused by the sinus pain for sure. They have a tremendous impact on our life quality and you can face a lot of problems if you neglect such kind of problems during your routine life. Especially if you suffer from chronic cold and allergy. While talking about the sinus pain, try to pay attention to the next concepts: 

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Canada considers mandating hotel quarantine for travelers

Canada is considering requiring travelers to quarantine at a hotel at their own expense when they come into the country in response to new variants of the coronavirus

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a press conference Friday that his government is prepared to impose even stricter regulations on travel than the country already has in place.

“No one should be taking a vacation abroad right now,” Trudeau said. “If you’ve got one planned, cancel it. And don’t book a trip for spring break.”

Trudeau also said he discussed “the range of options” for further travel restrictions with the

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Should You Stay Loyal to Your Hotel or Airline?

By Sam Kemmis

After months of crunching and recrunching data as the pandemic upended travel, NerdWallet has released its best travel rewards rankings for 2021. And, although travel in 2021 will be different from the year before, it is unlikely to be “normal” by any stretch. You may be considering whether to start — or continue — pursuing loyalty with a particular hotel or airline.

Does travel loyalty still make sense this year? Or have the normal benefits of such loyalty gone out the window with so much other conventional travel wisdom?

Although it’s as difficult as ever to

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