Month: December 2020

Thailand relaxes travel curbs for tourists from over 50 countries

National Review

Hunter Biden Extended ‘Best Wishes’ from ‘the Entire Biden Family’ to Chinese Energy Firm Chair in 2017

Hunter Biden reportedly pushed CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming to “quickly” wire $10 million to “properly fund and operate” a Biden joint venture with the Chinese energy company in 2017, and sent his “best wishes from the entire Biden family” to the chairman, according to a new report. In a June 18, 2017 email obtained by Fox News, Biden requested the transfer, which was never completed, and asked Zhao Runlong at CEFC to please “translate my letter to Chairman Ye, please extend

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Can you still book a hotel room?

If you’re planning a California trip, your hotel reservation might have been canceled.

California’s latest regional stay-home orders restrict hotels and other lodging establishments — including vacation rentals — from honoring reservations from out-of-town guests traveling for nonessential reasons.

And buyer beware: If you’re booking online, you may not get a warning before you place your reservation.

The new restrictions make exceptions for essential workers and those who plan to quarantine for the 14 days required by the state’s travel advisory.

During a press conference on Dec. 8, California State Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly urged Californians

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Unique Places to Spend the Night Around the World

It’s always fun when visiting a new place to take a look at some of the sights that might not appear in the typical guidebook, and the same can be said for where to rest your head. Whether or not you’re ready to embark on your next adventure yet, it never hurts to start planning. Consider adding some of these unusual lodging experiences to the itinerary when borders are open again and it’s safe to travel. From a floating sauna hotel to one made from a converted airplane, here are some of the most unique places to spend a night

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Travel Can be Stress-free & Gratifying But Not a Cattle Ride

Travel Can be Stress-free & Gratifying But Not a Cattle Ride

Travelling is all about discovering the world, invigorating your whole mind and body, and make the necessary change to your lifestyle. It is a must for everyone out there to do some out-of-the-box activities, bring out the new facet or simply connect yourself with mother nature, and go through a surreal environment.   

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