10 Unrivaled Benefits of Travel Nurse Jobs in Texas

Travel nurse jobs in Texas are becoming a viable path for nurses who prefer adventure

Travel nurse jobs in Texas are becoming a viable path for nurses who prefer adventure and working in different locations rather than full-time employment.


Texas is one of the most popular destinations for travel nurses because of the countless top-notch healthcare facilities and plenty of openings for travel RN’s.  It’s among the top group of states for the highest nursing salaries.  This means if you are a travelling nurse in Texas, you can make good money.  And you don’t just make good money, Texas has incredible cities with lots to do.


Travel nurses provide temporary medical assistance on short-term assignments that typically last for 13 weeks.  They can choose where they want to be sent and in what specialty they would like to work.  Since it is contract work, you can either be self-employed or employed through an agency.  Know the other benefits of a travel nurse job in Texas:

1. Adventurous Lifestyle

If you are a nurse who feels like you are “stuck” or “suffocated” or bored going to the same workplace every single day, a travel nurse job can be your way out.  Being a travel nurse will provide you the opportunity to explore new environments, enjoy new scenery, meet other people from other areas, and explore a variety of cities and towns.

2. Freedom to Choose When and Where You Work

One of the perks of travel nurse jobs  is having the freedom to choose when and where you work and selecting jobs lasting a few weeks or even just a few days.  You can choose to be assigned to a place where there is an important upcoming event so that you can attend.

3. Handsome Compensation

Depending on the location of the job, the facility, and your specialization, travel nurses are often compensated handsomely.  Agencies sometimes also include the provision for housing, pay travel expenses, and offer numerous other tax-exempt perks.  A travel nurse usually earns more than their stationary counterparts.

4. Working With a Number of Agencies

Several nursing recruitment agencies maintain active job boards.  This means that they provide several opportunities to find employment in the area of your choice.  Working with a number of agencies, both on the local and national level will help you find the exact type of employment you seek, especially if you work in a specialized field.  This is extremely important and helpful during a “rapid response” crisis assignment or during a facility strike.

5. Exploring What You Love About Nursing

As you work in a variety of areas of the nursing profession, you will be able to decide which you like best.  You will gain experience with different hospitals and other settings allowing you to see the differences in demands of each area.  A traveling nurse job can help you discover what area of the nursing profession you love to pursue.

6. Learn Skills Beyond Nursing

A travel nurse job in Texas will provide you the opportunity to develop a variety of valuable skills other than nursing.  Because of the variety of settings and specializations that you may be assigned to like different types of ICUs and patient experiences, you will learn skills beyond those that you are limited to learning when you are a staff nurse.


The variety of experiences and assortment of different people and situations will force you to develop adaptability, teamwork, critical thinking, and effective communication.  These soft skills are as important as the practical skills you will need for future promotions.

7. Job Security

The demand for registered nurses is expected to grow more than twice as fast as the national average rate.  In addition, a median wage of $68,450 in a traveling nurse job is worthy of coveting.  In the current situation where there is a shortage of nurses, your profession is needed more than ever.

8. Room for Advancement

A traveling nurse job opens room for advancement in your profession as well.  You will have a unique chance to see many sides of working as a nurse and you will be provided with a multitude of options to pick when you decide to advance in your career.

9. Less Involvement in Workplace Politics

The short span of time that you will be assigned in a facility (typically three to six months only) will give you less involvement in office politics which can be rampant in high-stress jobs.  You will be able to avoid all the drama and just hit the road when issues heighten.

10. Helping People Who Are Really in Need

Nursing is one of the noblest professions.  Being a travel nurse gives you many opportunities to be assigned in areas that are in desperate need of help.  You will directly impact your patients’ lives while you are at the front lines of care and experiencing the fruits of your labor right before your eyes.

Exploring New Horizons With a Travel Nurse Job in Texas

Let your nursing profession take flight as you seek to experience different settings, with different people, across the country.  A travel nurse job will open new horizons in your profession as the healthcare industry grows in demand for nurses who can be called and be assigned to help fill shortages to care for communities all over the country.